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San Tan Valley – Population Trivia

In the decade from 2000-2010, San Tan Valley grew from a rural area of 4,976 residents to an urban community of 86,665 people, or equivalent to the 12th largest community in Arizona at that time. Over the most recent years, San Tan Valley growth has slowed with the population expanding from 93,367 people in 2014…
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Housepainting deadline is January 1, 2019

January 1, 2019 is the deadline to have your home painted. If you have not yet picked your color scheme for your home, you can find the color schemes at the Approved Paint Colors page. Color schemes provided include front door colors that will make your home look great! Once you have found the color…
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Parking Policy and Enforcement Reminder

Parking Violation Enforcement Policy Reminder:  Any truck, mobile home, travel trailer, tent trailer, trailer, camper shell, detached camper, recreational vehicle, boat, boat trailer or similar equipment OR vehicle or any automobile, motorcycle, motorbike, or other motor vehicle parked on any street right-of-way within the Association shall be subject to the Street Parking Violation Enforcement and…
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No vehicles allowed in Common Areas/Parks

* Notice!  Vehicles are prohibited in Wayne Ranch Common Areas. The common areas have seen damage due to vehicles riding through the turf, this damage is considered vandalism. If you see it, please report it to the Sheriff's Department 520-866-5111.
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