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Wayne Ranch residents - homeowners or renters, can register for the Wayne Ranch Community Association website, to view additional content on this site.


(Required) Your username will be used to login to the Wayne Ranch site, and it is also used to reset your password, in case you forget it. Your username can be any combination of letters, numbers and (most) symbols, including spaces. Some users find it helpful to make the username the same as their Email address, for a convenient way to remember it, though this is not a requirement.
* Tip: We suggest using your Email address, or your first & last names (ie johnsmith)

Email Address:

(Required) Your Email address is needed to facilitate your registration for the Wayne Ranch website, and it is used by the HOA to communicate with you regarding HOA business and communication. Your Email address is NOT shared outside of the HOA.  The HOA does NOT provide Email addresses of Residents/Renters without your permission.
(Refer to Privacy Policy).

Phone Number:

Telephone Handset(Required) The HOA may use your phone number to contact you in an emergency, or if a phone call may be the most appropriate way to contact you. Your phone number is NOT provided to anyone other than the HOA.
(Refer to Privacy Policy).

Upon completion of the registration form, you will be sent an Email that will contain your Username, including a link for you to use to set your password for the Wayne Ranch Community Association website.


Your password must be at least 8 characters with no spaces. The password must use a combination of numbers, letters and MiXeD case letters (at least one). Passwords should not contain the user's username, email, or first/last name.

Lost Password?

A link is provided on the website to let you retrieve/reset your password. Neither the HOA nor the webmaster is able to lookup your password for you, due to security applied to the website.

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